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Did you say BOOMGARDI?

For you who want to travel around in Iran and explore country as well as culture, boomgardi is The Thing! Boomgardi means staying overnight in a sort of home stay or bed-and-breakfasts, mainly in smaller cities and villages. You will have your own room and shower/toilet, of course, but also delicious home cooked food, often regional disches, and opportunity for either hanging out with the locals or using the place as hotel and starting point for excursions around the area. I use the boomgardi places as much as possible in my tours because I find that it gives you a completely unique and unforgettable experience...


Specialized trips

Very soon to be announced here:
Specialized theme trips with customized itineraries:

***The Silk Road***

***Marco Polo's footsteps***

***1001 Nights***

***Pearl route***

***The King's Road***

***Caspian Route***

***Eastern Adventures***

***Taste Iran***