The Iranians have a saying, فارسى شكر است - Faarsi shekar ast or 'Persian is sweet as sugar'. This says a lot about the language, as well as about the pride Iranians feel about their national language, Persian. Persian and 'faarsi' are two words for the same, by the way, similar to German and 'deutsch'!
Learning the native language of a country is the wisest - and most exciting - way to get to know that country. Knowing only a little Persian will open many doors for you when traveling or working in Iran!
It is not as difficult as one might imagine to learn Persian, as a matter of fact, it is an Indo-European language and as such closely related to many modern European languages! 
Yes, it helps to learn the Arabic alphabet as well, which you can master in one to two weeks (it consists of just 32 letters!) but even without knowledge of the script, you will find that you can start communicating with Iranians very soon. 
And I can help you! For more information please click here or read more in the brochure below.

Conditions brochure 2017