A beautiful view to one of the courtyards of the historical Abbasian house in Kashan

As an experienced tour guide I've been introducing Iran to tourists for many years now. In the spring and autumn seasons I work together with the Danish agency Horisont Rejser taking travelers on high-quality culture trips around Iran.
For the last few years I have also been offering private and individual tours around the country in my own car, tailor made to fit my guests' wishes and needs. 
As driver/guide I combine your preferred travel route with all the bonus information on Iran's history, culture, nature and people that you need on the way. The flexibility of traveling with a private car is of course an added bonus!
I offer everything from one-day city sightseeing and picnics to longer road trips, off-road and even camping trips. My car accommodates up to six passengers and has extra room for luggage on the roof. Feel free to send me an inquiry here

Culinary trips

The route shown on the map above would suit a trip of 6-7 days length

2-14 days

Any journey to Iran will inevitably be a culinary one, because this country is full of variations when it comes to the food. However, in this special trip we focus on the food itself, on the ingredients, traditions and, of course, the cooking itself. Taste Iran and learn to cook Persian dishes! The destinations will depend on the length of the trip and will be planned individually.  

Silk Road Journey

The route shown on the map above would suit a trip of approximately 10 days length

7-14 days

Taste the saffron! Listen to the caravan bell! See the pilgrims on their perilous pilgrimage! A journey full of mystique, desert wandering, caravansaries, all the way to the core of the Iranian soul. The journey takes us to cities such as Gorgan and Mashhad and through the landscapes between the Caspian Sea and the Iranian central desert, the Dasht-e Kavir. Among these we find the ancient Iranian jungle forests and the soaring Alborz mountains.

In the footprints of Marco Polo

The route shown on the map above would suit a trip of approximately 14 days length

7-14 days (suggested for the winter half-year)

Follow the footprints of the famous merchant-adventurer to Kashan, Yazd and Kerman, where secrets from the Iranian medieval times slowly unravel. Have your lunch in the robbers’ fortress, hidden away in the desert, shop for silk brocades in the bazar of Yazd or spices in Kerman. If you find the time, follow me to the end of the world, to ghost cities where no caravans stop any longer, all the way to the borders of Pakistan...

Arabian Nights - or 1001 Nights’ Tales

The route shown on the map above would suit a trip of approximately 12 days length

7-14 days

This journey will take you via the grandiose city of Isfahan to the cradle of Iranian civilisation, the province of Fars, from whence the Persian language and even Cyrus the Great originated. Through a pearl row of glimpses we meet the 1001 nights again, with its shahs and princesses, thieves and heroes. Today, they’re all long gone, but the monuments on our way, the gardens, palaces and mosques all bear witness to what would otherwise have been a mere fable.

The Pearl Route

The route shown on the map above would suit a trip of approximately 12 days length, but a part of the route can be done by plane.

7-14 days (suggested for the winter half-year)

Follow the coast of the Persian Gulf as long as time allows! Meet the pearl fishers, women with face masks, sand in all imaginable and unimaginable colours, Sunnis and Shi’as, Arabs and Persians living peacefully side by side. Visit fabulous waterworks from the Roman era, oil refineries and the tiny fisher boats that bring tuna, mackerel and shrimp to the market every day. 

The King’s Road

7-14 days

The Achaemenids managed to keep together their empire by means of the King’s Road, a paved mail route extending from Susa to Sardis, through which the couriers would convey important letters at an incredible speed. And this was 2500 years ago! We follow the tracks of the couriers and discover the remains of this majestic empire, which still today is the core of the Iranians’ pride. 

The Caspian Route

7-14 days (suggested for the summer half-year)

Follow the coastline of the Caspian Sea and discover landscapes full of rice paddy fields and forests interchanging with tall mountains. Drive through the various ethnic regions of Mazandaran, Gilan and Azerbaijan and visit the remains of the once-so-glorious feudal states. Hear the stories about Hassan Sabah and the assassins and visit their once inconquerable fortresses.

Oriental Adventures

7-14 days (suggested for the summer half-year)

In this journey we will venture into the heartland of the two largest ethnic minorities of the country; the Kurds and the AzarI Turks. We will visit their main cities, Sanandaj, Mahabad, Urmiehand Tabriz and shall explore the various ways of life  and living conditions in the region. From the nomads with their sheep and goat herds to the gold bazar in Tabriz. En route we will pass through breathtaking landscapes with distant summits and lonely churches. 

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